Fancy lattice shoe lacing

 I saw this on Pinterest and wanted lace my chucks that way too, but the text is in Swedish I believe, and there aren't any instructions. So I just played around with the lacing for a few minutes and figured it out on one shoe, and took pictures lacing up the other shoe.

 My shoelaces need to be washed...

Start with the laces like this:

Cross them and skip two holes, then on the inside lace back on the same side to the second hold. 

Repeat this twice, weaving under and over the laces as appropriate.

The laces that came with my shoes were only long enough to do three repeats, but there are enough holes to do four. If you have longer laces you can skip three holes initially and make the woven part larger.

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  1. How can I do this if my shoes have 5 holes only?