Simple curtains from twin flat bed sheet

I needed some curtains for the office. The window over my computer desk faces east, and there aren't any trees on that side of the building. My favorite time to get serious work done is early in the morning, and even with the mini-blinds shut there was too much sun to properly see the computer screen!

The windows are kind of an odd size, and I didn't want to deal with hemming curtains like I had to for the thick curtains I got for the bedroom when we moved in. Since these were for the office, I didn't need them to block out as much light as the bedroom curtains, so I decided to just see what I could whip up with a $5 flat twin bed sheet.

I just made one panel for each window by cutting the sheet in half and hemming the rough edge.  

Then I cut 6 inch strip of ribbon, folded them in half, and stitched them to the top edge of the curtain.

I took these pictures at night so the curtain color is a little off. With the sun shining through the fabric they are really more of a nice light teal or aquamarine color than just light blue.

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  1. I totally enjoyed your article. You did work very well and adopt a great idea how to use an old flat bed sheets to make it your windows curtain.
    keep it up!!!